4/19 - Mary Anderson, Transit Planner at Whatcom Transportation Authority



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Mary Anderson, AICP, TDM-CP, is a Transit Planner at the Whatcom Transportation Authority. Mary has over 15 years of experience managing and implementing sustainable transportation projects. Mary envisions a future where everyone in Whatcom County has access to safe, healthy, and affordable transportation options. A firm believer in practicing what you preach, Mary rides her bike or takes the bus to work and for daily trips. In her spare time, Mary enjoys building Legos with her son and going to consignment stores with her daughter.

Presentation Title: Can Transportation Really Be Sustainable?

We rely on transportation to connect us to work, groceries, education, health care and social activities. The mode of transportation we choose (if we even have a choice) makes a difference in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, roadway congestion, and energy use, amongst other things. Are electric vehicles a better choice? Should we all bike everywhere? Is telework the answer? This is a complex topic with no easy answers (sorry!). Attend this presentation to get a high-level view of the energy used in the transportation sector, the realities of converting a bus fleet to electric and how active transportation falls into the mix.  

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