Clean Air Construction Program Coordinator (Coordinator II)

About the position:

The Clean Air Construction Collaborative (CACC) is a multi-agency, regional approach to reducing diesel particulate matter (diesel PM) emissions on public construction projects, and in doing so, improving local air quality. The City of Portland, Multnomah County, Port of Portland, Metro, Washington County, TriMet, and Portland Community College have agreed to apply a consistent Clean Air Construction Standard to their construction projects and thus, are all member agencies of the CACC. The City of Portland serves as the lead agency to administer the Clean Air Construction Regional Program on behalf of the partner agencies. The Clean Air Construction (CAC) Coordinator is the staff person dedicated to implementing all program elements of the Clean Air Construction Regional Program in collaboration with partner agencies. In this role, the CAC Coordinator also reviews and determines contractor compliance with the CAC Standard on behalf of partner agencies. It is an exciting and meaningful role for anyone interested in improving air quality while collaborating with diverse stakeholders. More information about the CAC Program is available at  

As a Clean Air Construction Coordinator, you will: 

  • Serve as the primary point-of-contact and subject matter expert for the Clean Air Construction Regional Program, both for internal and external stakeholders. 
  • Facilitate coordination among partner agencies, consultants, construction project managers, and agency public procurement staff on all aspects of implementing and maturing the Clean Air Construction Regional Program. 
  • Review and approve compliance, including exemption requests, of applicable contractor equipment against the Clean Air Construction Standard on behalf of all partner agencies of the Clean Air Construction Collaborative.
  • Ensure all functionality within the Clean Air Construction compliance software system is working as needed; troubleshoot issues in coordination with the software developer. 
  • Develop, implement, and manage technical and financial assistance programs for disadvantaged/minority/women-owned and/or small-business firms related to compliance with the Clean Air Construction Standard, including development and administration of any technical assistance contracts.
  • Design and generate Clean Air Construction Program performance metrics and reports.
  • Develop and perform program communications activities, including meeting coordination, stakeholder outreach, trainings, presentations, website upkeep, and event networking.
  • Perform contract management for intergovernmental agreements and related service contracts.
  • Track program expenditures and maintain program fiscal health.

Qualified candidates commonly have backgrounds in program management, environmental studies, and/or contractor compliance. As a person, you are:


  • Collaborative: An authentic professional who values partnership and develops and supports relationships to get things done.
  • Curious: A curious professional who is always seeking to learn new things and grow as a person and as a professional.
  • Analytical Thinker: At ease collecting and analyzing information, problem-solving, and making decisions based on sound research and stakeholder engagement.
  • Solutions Oriented: Uses strong communication skills to work with a variety of internal and external stakeholders to create and implement solutions.
  • Someone who Values Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI): Someone who embraces anti-racist approaches through intentional partnership, self-awareness, and action, showing cultural humility, advocacy, and mindfulness. Someone who understands the importance of using DEI concepts to guide and inform your work.
  • Emotionally Intelligent: Motivated, passionate, and empathetic.


Although not required, you may have: 

  • A Bachelor's degree in environmental studies, public administration, or a related field
  • Bilingual Spanish/English skills


Portland, OR

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