Clean Energy Business Engagement Manager

Position Summary:

The Business Engagement Manager champions the voice of the energy efficiency industry in Pennsylvania and New Jersey through cultivating relationships, identifying opportunities for EE success stories, organizing engaging events to showcase EE projects, and supporting our 501c6 trade associations by managing membership services and systems.

Additionally, The Business Engagement Manager leads EEA’s ambitious project, Businesses Engaged in Energy Efficiency (B.E3). B.E3 has helped shift our region’s energy narrative, shining a spotlight on businesses that implement and benefit from innovative energy policies.

EEA’s B.E3 project is a multi-year effort that identifies, organizes, and mobilizes energy efficiency advocates in the business community: companies that do the work and/or benefit financially from energy efficiency upgrades. Over the lifespan of the project, EEA, KEEA, & EEA-NJ will continue to build a broad network of businesses committed to energy efficiency, and ultimately, a coalition of businesses that are willing to advocate with the organization to advance energy policies and educate decision-makers and the public in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.



Core Area 1: Business Engagement – Knowing the EE Industry players in PA and NJ and Building Relationships with Them.

  • Identify potential energy efficiency champions in the business community and make connections through calls and emails, networking, attending events, etc.
  • Establish and nurture valuable business relationships.
  • Engage the business community in EEA’s education and awareness work related to energy efficiency policy.
  • Develop an annual outreach plan to engage the EE industry participants.
  • Produce quarterly events or educational opportunities/meetings between energy efficiency businesses, local elected officials and other decision-makers to highlight the benefits of EE.
  • Establish and regularly refresh a database of energy efficiency businesses across NJ and PA.
  • Create and manage tools such as surveys and data maps with information gathered.

Core Area 2: Championing and supporting amplification of the energy efficiency business voice

  • Regularly identify and successfully recruit businesses for case studies, fact sheets or other amplification of EE success stories. Monitor media for EE business successes to showcase.
  • Work with the Communications Manager and policy team to highlight success stories and to engage business voices in support of policy in the media via letters to the editor, op-eds, press releases, and press conferences.
  • Support communications manager with key points or outline-level content.
  • Meet annual production metrics for EE storytelling.


Core Area 3: Manage Member Services for trade association affiliates

  • Manage KEEA & EEA-NJ member services.
  • Meet specific metrics, such as membership recruiting, growth, and retention goals and annual membership revenue goals.
  • Directly responsible for membership dues management and invoicing.
  • Involve KEEA & EEA-NJ members and/or engage the EE business community, such as webinars, facility tours, seminars, networking happy hours, etc.
  • Work closely with EEA’s current members and partners. Organize monthly update calls and manage Membership Committee.

Core Area 4:  Represent EEA, Liaise with Business Communities, Leverage Business Relationships

  • Lead sponsorship outreach and activity and meet financial goals for Annual Policy Conference
  • Convene a monthly PA Business Round Table on behalf of EEA and attend/liaise to a NJ Business Table on EEA’s behalf. Prepare and publish notes to attendees (PA) or colleagues (NJ)
  • Attend regional and/or national conferences representing EEA and cultivating industry knowledge and connections.


  • Excellent interpersonal skills and team player.
  • Self-starter with a “go-getter”attitude.
  • Experience in sales or comparable activity that requires prospecting, building relationships and systematically delivering on ambitious goals.
  • Excellent communication skills, including listening well and speaking and writing in a clear, cogent, concise and engaging manner.
  • Organized and able to keep detailed records and to learn or use spreadsheet or CRM system to accurately maintain data, call records and to create reports.
  • Proven track record/ability to build and develop relationships with influential stakeholders.
  • Able to build and lead coalitions.
  • Ability to set and hit realistic yet aggressive goals and benchmarks.
  • Ability to work independently, with frequent travel.
  • Solid prospect research skills.
  • Familiarity with CRM preferred.
  • Experience in and knowledge of the energy field preferred.
  • Experience in organizing, policy work, and/or advocacy is preferred
  • Experience working with elected officials is helpful.


Based in Pennsylvania or New Jersey (required). Regular in-state PA and NJ travel required. Work from our Philadelphia office or your home office otherwise.

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