Information and Resources for Students

The Institute for Energy Studies integrates rigorous educational programs, applied research and community service to meet the growing demand for interdisciplinary education and training related to the science, technology, policy and business aspects of human production and use of energy.

We expect that students will acquire the appropriate foundation in math and science underlying energy processes and systems, in a context of environmental science and greenhouse gas management. They will also learn basic energy economics and have the opportunity to build management or entrepreneurial skills and analytic tools in the key fields of electric power, energy efficiency and building science. We take a practical approach, using the campus and community as our laboratory and collaborating with leading utilities and energy firms in the region.

Graduates will acquire a strong blend of analytical and communication skills, along with energy-related expertise that energy experts have identified as essential to the workforce needs in Washington’s growing clean energy economy. At the same time, the program will integrate core strengths of Western Washington University, including collaboration, practical innovation, community engagement, a global perspective and a sustainability focus, while advancing energy literacy at all levels of instruction.