Our Students

Sam Bliss

Environmental Economics - Environmental Policy

The coolest thing about being in the first round of students to take courses through the Institute for Energy Studies is seeing all my peers' success working in the field so soon after graduation...

Scott DeWees

Environmental Economics

At the time, it didn’t seem like it would amount to anything. It was 2009, and the Energy Institute was not yet formed.

Julianna Fischer

Energy Policy Minor

I'm currently in my third year here at Western majoring in Environmental Policy and minoring in both Energy Policy and Economics.

Graham Marmion

Economics; Energy Policy Minor

Thanks to the Energy Policy Minor and the faculty of the the Institute for Energy Studies, I was hired as a Regulatory Analyst by one of the Institute’s founding benefactors before I even...

Joseph Meyer

Energy Policy Minor

I attended Western for a fifth year on the hunch the new Energy Policy minor would give me a fundamental understanding of energy policy and a competitive edge when I started searching for my first...

Stefanie Neale

M.A. in Environmental Studies, with an emphasis in Energy; B.A. in Environmental Economics, minor in Energy Policy

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Economics from Western in the summer of 2015.

Aden Nevler

Double Major - BA Energy Policy and Management & BA Political Science

The Energy Policy Major has been the most powerful synthesis of knowledge I ever encountered.

Lindsay Parpart

Energy Policy Minor

I came to Western Washington University to join the Huxley College of the Environment and found the Economics / Environmental Studies major. My major required that I take Energy Economics, taught...

Cole Rogers

Electrical Engineering - Energy Concentration

Through my curriculum in the Energy concentration of EE, I was introduced to many professors and students with connections in the Institute for Energy Studies.  These relationships, as well as my...

Stella Tsitsiragos

BA Energy Policy and Management, with minors in Economics and Geology

The Energy Policy and Management interdisciplinary curriculum has provided me with an expansive understanding of energy and its deep-rooted connection to all aspects of life.