Energy Policy Minor

The minor in Energy Policy is an interdisciplinary program designed to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding green-energy economy. Graduates will be well prepared to enter the workforce as leaders, equipped with the knowledge, skills and applied expertise demanded by this dynamic and evolving sector of the global economy. The participating departments are recognized for their outstanding educational programs and demonstrated excellence. This program will support interdisciplinary learning while fostering an approach to problem solving that encourages cross-discipline thinking.

Please note: Students may not earn both the BA in Energy Policy in Management and the Energy Policy minor.

Contact Information

Institute for Energy Studies
Arntzen Hall 303
(360) 650-4422
Gail Cowan, Program Advisor
(360) 650-4422


  • ENRG 101 Energy and Society
    • or ENRG 380 Energy and Environment 
    • or ESCI 380 Energy and Society
  • ENRG 350 Energy Policy and Politics
    • or ENVS 350 Energy Policy and Politics
  • ENRG 384 Energy Economics
    • or ECON 384 Energy Economics
  • ENRG 484 Economics of Alternative Energy
    • or ECON 484 Economics of Alternative Energy
    • or ENRG 449 NW Energy Systems Transitions
    • or ENVS 449 NW Energy Systems Transitions
    • or ENRG 459 Advanced Energy Policy
    • or ENVS 459 Advanced Energy Policy
  • THREE courses from the following:
    • ECON 383 Environmental Economics
    • ENRG 320 Science of Energy Resources
    • ENRG 284 The Business of Energy
    • ENRG 360 Energy Efficient and Carbon Neutral Design
      • or ESCI 360 Energy Efficient and Carbon Neutral Design
    • ENRG 386 The Economics of Electricity Markets
      • or ECON 386 The Economics of Electricity Markets
    • ENRG 449 NW Energy Systems Transitions (if not used above)
      • or ENVS 449 NW Energy Systems Transitions (if not used above)
    • ENRG 459 Advanced Energy Policy (if not used above)
      • or ENVS 459 Advanced Energy Policy (if not used above)
    • ENRG 480 Applications in Energy Production
      • or ESCI 480 Applications in Energy Production
    • ENRG 354 Energy in American History
      • or HIST 354 Energy in American History
    • ENRG 490 Energy Capstone: Energy System Synthesis