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Individuals may register for online Energy Studies courses for credit, or as a professional development (CEUs) student. Please check WWU Classfinder for current and upcoming course schedules.

The Business of Energy (ENRG 284)

Description: Energy is an important sector in national and the world economies. This course will examine private and government-owned energy resource and service providers and will include a brief history of the energy business and differences in characteristics across a variety of energy markets: fossil fuels, nuclear, renewables, and efficiency measures. The impact of government regulatory and tax and subsidy policies on industry and corporate structure and behavior will be examined.

Energy Policy and Politics (ENRG 350)

Description: This course will allow students to understand the history of energy policy within the US; gain anunderstanding of the major actors in energy policy; and explore the implications for energy policy from local to global levels. A specific focus will be placed on energy issues as they pertain to the Pacific Northwest. Also offered as ENVS 350.

Energy Efficient Design (ENRG 360)

Description: Introduction to energy use in buildings and the concept of energy efficiency as a resource. Provides a quantitative but accessible approach to the analysis, design and evaluation of measures to improve energy efficiency and pursue net-zero and/or carbon neutral design. Topics covered include building heating and cooling loads, HVAC system efficiency, solar energy resources and sun angles, passive solar design and rooftop photovoltaic sizing, energy efficient and zero-carbon design for buildings, vehicles, appliances, hot water and HVAC. Also offered as ESCI 360.

Energy Economics (ENRG 384)

Description: The role of energy in the economy and key aspects of energy supply and demand. Topics include the interrelationships among energy use, economic growth, and the environment; conservation; solar and ‘unconventional’ energy sources; world oil markets; regulation of gas and electric utilities; and U.S. energy policy. Also offered as ECON 384.

Energy Systems Transitions (ENRG 449)

Description: This course explores the social and technological changes underway to transition from a fossil fuel based energy system to a low-carbon system. We study the technology involved with existing and evolving electricity, transportation, food, and building energy systems and then interrogate the social, economic, and political structures that substantiate the existing system or promote change to a low carbon future. Also offered as ENVS 449.

Advanced Energy Policy (ENRG 459)

Description: The goal of this course is to explore policy making and policy implementation in the context of energy technologies. Using case studies we will reveal the multidimensionality and tensions implicit in policy debates. We will assemble a toolbox that enables us to innovate, assess, and promote policy options. Focus will be placed on policy solutions such as common pool resource management, community-based social marketing, civic dialogue, and analytic-deliberation. Also offered as ENVS 459.

Alternative Energy Economics (ENRG 484)

Description: Explores the economics of renewable energy and conservation. The economic history of renewable energy and the existing institutional framework are examined. Considers economic motivations for the expansion of renewable energy and conservation. Existing and prospective policies are analyzed.Examines the challenges associated with integrating renewable sources into existing energy systems. Various quantitative techniques are reviewed and practiced. Also offered as ECON 484.

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