"Alaska Airlines has made great strides in minimizing the impact of our flying on the communities we serve, and we are committed to doing more. We believe finding an environmentally sustainable and commercially viable alternative to petroleum-based jet fuel is very important. The university's innovative new program, unique in the country, will provide students a strong foundation to solve the complex challenges associated with finding energy solutions for aviation and other sectors of the economy. This program will prepare students to compete in the green economy and help position the state as a leader nationally in the next wave of economic expansion and innovation."

     Bill Ayer - Chairman and CEO, Alaska Airlines and Alaska Air Group

"This exciting new program combines the four essential components needed to address our critical national and global energy security and climate-disruption challenges: Science, Technology, Policy and Business. Science helps us define the urgency and importance of these challenges; Technology provides the physical basis for addressing the changes we need to make; Policy helps create incentives to encourage use of those technologies; and Business, perhaps the most under-appreciated component, is critical if we are to achieve the scale needed to reach our energy and environmental goals. Western Washington University is to be congratulated for positioning itself in the heart of this most important emerging area of education."

     Gil Masters - Ph.D., Professor (emeritus) & Author, Stanford University

"Western is ideally situated to provide exceptional education in the area of clean and renewable energy and energy efficiency. It is located in a dynamic, entrepreneurial environment with industry partners at all scales and in all corners of sustainable energy activity. It has forged a strong foundation of collaboration among faculty and colleges within the university. And it has crafted a robust and innovative curriculum that displays both a clear priority on learning by doing and commitment to the integration of science, technology, and key social sciences. Each of these building blocks is critical for providing an educational experience that will prepare tomorrow's workforce in every dimension of clean and sustainable energy systems. Graduates who pursue this carefully designed program at Western Washington University will hit the ground running, ready to lead - and not a moment too soon."

     Amanda Graham - Director of Education, Energy Initiative, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"We are proud to support the Institute for Energy Studies program at WWU. As a member of the founding advisory board, I have had the opportunity to provide input to the program and can say that the proposed curriculum is precisely what is needed to address our current and future energy workforce needs."

     Warren W. Michelsen - District General Manager - Trane Climate Solutions, Ingersoll Rand

"Washington State has become a leader in power conversion technology and clean energy systems for three reasons: an excellent infrastructure for Pacific Rim trade, a historical leadership position in advanced design and precision manufacturing, and-- most important-- well-trained and educated people capable of making the most of these advantages. The Alpha Group companies, which include OutBack Power Technologies, realize that continued growth depends on successive generations of leaders and problem solvers. The WWU Institute for Energy Studies provides the focus and resources required to develop them."

     Harvey Wilkinson - General Manager, OutBack Power Division, Alpha Technologies Inc.

"Energy is simultaneously our state's biggest problem and our biggest opportunity. It is our problem because of emissions and rising costs. It is our opportunity because clean energy can improve the environment while also bringing new jobs and our next export opportunity. If we hope to achieve the goal of clean, affordable energy for all, we have to approach the problem in a holistic, systems fashion. It is precisely that cross-disciplinary approach that distinguishes the Institute for Energy Studies. I strongly encourage support for this much-needed effort to train the next generation of leaders our region urgently needs."

     Jesse Berst - Managing Director, Global SmartEnergy

"No other area of study encompasses so well the economic, environmental, and political challenges which my and future generations will be faced with."

"How we use, procure, and trade energy largely defines our environment, economies, and politics. The importance of having well educated energy experts, cannot be understated."

     Max Scher - Alumni, Western Washington University

"The professors and faculty have both the depth and breadth of experience to provide students with the tools they require to tackle the energy problems of today and the future."

     Cole Rogers - Student, Western Washington University

"I chose to pursue a minor in Energy Policy after I came to the realization that energy production and consumption are two of the greatest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. We can’t expect to improve the environment without a significant shift towards energy efficiency, carbon pricing, and renewable technologies."

     Stefanie Neale - MA student, Western Washington University

"Energy has become my main focus as I have come to understand it is ingrained in every aspect of day-to-day life and at the base of many issues I am passionate about."

     Julianna Fischer - Alumni, Western Washington University

"In January of 2015, I was asked by Dr. Tom Webler to collaboratively create a mentoring network for women students pursuing energy studies with women professionals in the energy industry. The Women in Energy (Mentoring) Network was designed to provide knowledge sharing, mentoring, and networking opportunities for women students."

     Lindsay Parpart - Alumni, Western Washington University

"The minor gave me a strong background and appreciation for the complex interplay policy, economics and environment have on our use of energy."

"The Energy Policy Minor gave me the foundation to work on pressing energy issues facing our communities."

     Joseph Meyer - Alumni, Western Washington University

"The Energy Policy minor combined the economics, politics, regulations, business, and even the physics of the energy field. Upon graduation, I feel more than prepared to begin my career in the ever-growing world of clean energy."

"The coolest thing about being in the first round of students to take courses through the Institute for Energy Studies is seeing all my peers' success working in the field so soon after graduation."

     Sam Bliss - Alumni, Western Washington University

"The most valuable skill I developed, among many others, was the ability to translate technical and scientific information into a compelling and actionable narrative."

     Scott DeWees - Alumni, Western Washington University

"What makes the Institute for Energy Studies stand out is how committed the people involved are to ensuring that the students succeed in the energy industry."

     Graham Marmion -Alumni, Western Washington University