WWU Institute for Energy Studies Alumni Panel



Via Zoom


This session will feature a panel of alumni who graduated from the WWU Institute for Energy Studies. Our featured guests include: 

  • Katy Coleman, Energy & Green Building Assistant at Sustainable Connections in Bellingham, WA. Katy is a nature enthusiast whose love for the outdoors influenced her career path of working within the energy industry. Prior to working at Sustainable Connections, she held positions where she conducted a Greenhouse Gas Inventory and calculated Carbon Offset Credits for Methane Reduction Projects. She holds a B.S. in Energy Science and Technology from WWU. 
  • Whit Jamieson, Program Manager on the Access to Charging and Access to Emerging Modes teams at Forth Mobility. Located in Portland, OR, Forth’s mission is to electrify transportation by bringing people together to create solutions that reduce pollution and barriers to access. Whit’s work includes working in programs around consumer engagement, multi-unit dwellings, workplace charging, and electric tractors. He holds a B.S. in Energy Systems Sciences from WWU.  
  • Jacob Keith, Building Energy Engineer at McKinstry in Seattle, WA. McKinstry's mission is to make every building they touch more efficient and eliminate the barriers standing in the way of a better built environment. Prior to joining McKinstry, Jacob worked at Franklin Energy, Blueprint Technologies, and Alaska Airlines. He holds a B.S. in Biology with minors in Energy Policy, Energy Science, and Psychology. 

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