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The Institute for Energy Studies at Western Washington University is a multi-college collaboration that offers interdisciplinary undergraduate degrees to address the science, technology, policy, business and economic aspects of energy systems. 

Have you visited the Energy Tool Lending Library?

The Lending Libary is a free resource of tools located in the on the second floor of the SMATE Building (SMATE Library). The instruments are available free of charge to all students, staff, and faculty. The library is open MWF from 10-1pm in SMATE SL-220. Questions? Email tool.lending@wwu.edu. 


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Craig Dunn - Affiliated Faculty

While economists despair of differentiating between needs and wants, choosing instead to focus on the more generic category of preferences…it could rather easily be argued that energy is essential to the very existence of all species, including ours. Energy de facto fulfills a fundamental need. So…to critically study energy capture/production/distribution/utilization is to equip oneself with an enduring perspective, with knowledge, with skills that are core to life itself—and that thereby make one highly marketable to boot!

Educating the leaders for our clean and efficient energy future through interdisciplinary studies and research.