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The Institute for Energy Studies at Western Washington University exists to meet the demand for education and training related to human production and use of energy through interdisciplinary programs that combine the fields of science, technology and engineering with economics, business management, public policy, and sustainability.

The Institute for Energy Studies 2017 Energy Symposium will take place April 18, 2017 in Western's Library Reading Room. Our focus this year will be transportation.



Overview -- WWU Institute for Energy Studies

Xichen Jiang Photo

Xichen Jiang - Permanent Faculty

The National Academy of Engineering listed electrification as the 20th century's greatest engineering achievement. Now, one hundred years later, energy research is more active than ever. It is paramount for the engineers of today to design the next generation of the power grid that is efficient, reliable, and resilient.

Educating the leaders for our clean and efficient energy future through interdisciplinary studies and research.