Welcome to the Institute for Energy Studies

The Institute for Energy Studies at Western Washington University exists to meet the demand for education and training related to human production and use of energy through interdisciplinary programs that combine the fields of science, technology and engineering with economics, business management, public policy, and sustainability.

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Kathleen Kitto - Special Assistant to the Provost

"The most exciting thing about helping with the establishment of the Institute for Energy Studies is having the amazing opportunity to build a uniquely Western program that serves the students and faculty on campus, our industry partners, and the State of Washington all at once. Our students and faculty will have new interdisciplinary experiences and opportunities in their classes , while researching some of the toughest choices and problems facing thee world, and serving the larger community within the state. How could you not be excited about that!"

Educating the leaders for our clean and efficient energy future through interdisciplinary studies and research.