Welcome to the Institute for Energy Studies

The Institute for Energy Studies at Western Washington University is a multi-college collaboration that offers interdisciplinary undergraduate degrees to address the science, technology, policy, business and economic aspects of energy systems. 

Now being offered Fall 2018:

  • ENRG 391 - Energy Speaker Series

  • HIST 390 - Energy & Environment in Canadian History


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Photo Charlie Barnhart

Charles Barnhart - Permanent Faculty

"Here’s a big challenge this century: how will rapidly developing nations acquire energy resources while protecting the environment? And, how will developed nations adopt environmental stewardship as they transition from fossil fuels to renewable resources? We will need policy-makers, economists, engineers and scientists that can speak a common language. We will need generations of thought-leaders educated in the many disciplines championed by Western’s Institute for Energy Studies."

Educating the leaders for our clean and efficient energy future through interdisciplinary studies and research.