Chemistry LabOne of the hallmarks of a Western Washington University education is student involvement in research. Across the university, faculty from the physical and social sciences are doing energy-related research. As academic offerings grow within the Institute, students across campus will assist faculty in research, from proposals to completion. 

Energy research at Western ranges from sciences like physics and chemistry to fields like economics and environmental studies. For instance, in Western's Advanced Material Sciences and Engineering Center, David Patrick is leading a team of graduate and undergraduate researchers in studying high efficiency solar concentrators. At the same time and in response to the growing need for clean energy assessment tools, faculty member Dan Hagen studies the theoretical foundations of environmental valuation.

By bringing faculty with diverse disciplinary specializations together around a shared interest in energy issues, the Institute for Energy Studies is uniquely situated to stimulate research collaborations across the colleges.

Here is a partial list of energy-related research going on at Western.