Faculty and Staff

Ying Bao, Ph.D.

Ying smiling outside backed by a tree wearing a rose patterned black shirt
Associate Professor, Chemistry

(360) 650-3146 | CB 243

Charles Barnhart, Ph.D.

Charlie smiling standing against a wooden wall wearing a blue button up
Associate Professor, Environmental Science

(360) 650-4423 | ES337, MS9181

Andy Bunn, Ph.D.

Andy looks at camera, faded campus building in the background
Professor, Environmental Science

(360) 650-4252 | ES436, MS9181

Mark Bussell, Ph.D.

Mark poses against a deck railing with trees in the background
Professor, Chemistry

(360) 650-3145

Reid Dorsey-Palmateer

Photo of Reid in grey and black shirt
Associate Professor, Economics

(360) 650-2676 | Parks Hall 303

Craig Dunn

Craig smiles and wears a gray suit jacket
Professor, Management

(360) 650-2593

Josh Fisher, Ph.D.

Josh smiling in office wearing a blue button up and grey blazer
Professor, Anthropology

(360) 650-4785 | AH 334

Deborah Glosser, Ph.D., J.D.

Deborah staring off into the distance wearing a green climbing helmet, and an orange coat standing on the mountaintop
Assistant Professor, Engineering

Nipun Goel, Ph.D., MS

Assistant Professor, Engineering and Design

(360)650-4431 | AH454

Steve Hollenhorst, Ph.D.

Steve in brown hat
Associate VP, Facilities Development & Operations, Professor

(360) 650-3521 | ES539, MS9079

Xichen Jiang

Xichen wears a suit jacket and tie, dark gray background
Associate Professor, Engineering and Design

(360) 650-7766 | Engineering Technology 268

Tim Kowalczyk

Tim stands in front of leafy bushes, wearing a blue shirt and glasses
Associate Professor, AMSEC/Chemistry


(360) 650-6622 | CB 241

Tammi Laninga

Tammi smiles in front of gray background
Associate Professor, Urban Environment Planning Policy

(360) 650-2814

Darrin Magee, Ph.D.

Darrin Magee at solar farm in Mongolia
IES Director


360-650-4014 | AH308

Erika McPhee-Shaw, Ph.D.

Erika smiles against a grey background, wearing a burgundy shirt and black blazer
Professor, Environmental Science

(360) 650-3713 | AH404, MS4042

Todd Morton, Ph.D.

Todd smiles while wearing a hat that says "Moondance"
Professor, Engineering Technology

(360) 650-2918 | ET206

Greg O'Neil, Ph.D.

profile of Greg against a gray wall
Professor, Chemistry

(360) 650-6283 | CB 340

David Patrick

David in a long hallway dressed in a suit and a blue tie
Dean of the Graduate School & Vice Provost for Research

(360) 650-3128

Jennifer Seltz, Ph.D.

headshot of prof jennifer seltz
Associate Professor, History


(360) 650-2510 | BH 316

Imran Sheikh

Imran smiles in front of trees
Associate Professor, Environmental Science

Arthur Sherwood

Arthur smiles, trees and greenery in the background
Associate Professor, Management

(360) 650-4146

Sharon Shewmake

Sharon smiles outside wearing a teal shirt and a patterned overshirt.
Associate Professor, Economics


| Parks Hall 341

Froylan Sifuentes, Ph.D.

headshot of professor froy sifuentes
Assistant Professor, Environmental Science

| AH454, MS9181

Xi Wang, Ph.D., MS

woman with blue hair in a maroon and blue lattice dress standing in front of sunset
Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies