Ying Bao, Ph.D.

Ying smiling outside backed by a tree wearing a rose patterned black shirt
Associate Professor, Chemistry

(360) 650-3146 | CB 243

Charles Barnhart, Ph.D.

Charlie smiling standing against a wooden wall wearing a blue button up
Associate Professor, Environmental Science

(360) 650-4423 | ES337, MS9181

Andy Bunn, Ph.D.

Andy looks at camera, faded campus building in the background
Professor, Environmental Science

(360) 650-4252 | ES436, MS9181

Mark Bussell, Ph.D.

Mark poses against a deck railing with trees in the background
Professor, Chemistry

(360) 650-3145

Reid Dorsey-Palmateer, Ph.D.

Reid Dorsey-Palmateer is in grey and black shirt, standing on a porch.
Associate Professor, Economics

(360) 650-2676 | Parks Hall 303

Craig Dunn, Ph.D.

Craig smiles and wears a gray suit jacket
Professor, Management

(360) 650-2593

Kendra Dupuy, Ph.D.

Kendra Dupuy posing in a black suit
Assistant Professor, Political Science

360-650-7662 | AH 416

Jae Fisher, Ph.D.

Jae smiling in office wearing a blue button up and grey blazer
Professor, Anthropology

(360) 650-4785 | AH 334

Deborah Glosser, Ph.D., J.D.

Deborah staring off into the distance wearing a green climbing helmet, and an orange coat standing on the mountaintop
Assistant Professor, Engineering

Nipun Goel, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Engineering and Design

(360)650-4431 | AH454

Steve Hollenhorst, Ph.D.

Steve in brown hat
Associate VP, Facilities Development & Operations, Professor

(360) 650-3521 | ES539, MS9079

Xichen Jiang, Ph.D.

Xichen wears a suit jacket and tie, dark gray background
Associate Professor, Engineering and Design

(360) 650-7766 | Engineering Technology 268

Tim Kowalczyk, Ph.D.

Tim stands in front of leafy bushes, wearing a blue shirt and glasses
Associate Professor, AMSEC/Chemistry


(360) 650-6622 | CB 241

Tammi Laninga, Ph.D.

Tammi smiles in front of gray background
Associate Professor, Urban Environment Planning Policy

(360) 650-2814

Erika McPhee-Shaw, Ph.D.

Erika smiles against a grey background, wearing a burgundy shirt and black blazer
Professor, Environmental Science

(360) 650-3713 | AH404, MS4042

Todd Morton, Ph.D.

Todd smiles while wearing a hat that says "Moondance"
Professor, Engineering Technology

(360) 650-2918 | ET206

Greg O'Neil, Ph.D.

profile of Greg against a gray wall
Professor, Chemistry

(360) 650-6283 | CB 340

David Patrick, Ph.D.

David in a long hallway dressed in a suit and a blue tie
Dean of the Graduate School & Vice Provost for Research

(360) 650-3128

Jennifer Seltz, Ph.D.

headshot of prof jennifer seltz
Associate Professor, History


(360) 650-2510 | BH 316

Imran Sheikh, Ph.D.

Imran smiles in front of trees
Associate Professor, Environmental Science

Arthur Sherwood, Ph.D.

Arthur smiles, trees and greenery in the background
Associate Professor, Management

(360) 650-4146

Sharon Shewmake, Ph.D.

Sharon smiles outside wearing a teal shirt and a patterned overshirt.
Associate Professor, Economics


| Parks Hall 341

Froylan Sifuentes, Ph.D.

headshot of professor froy sifuentes
Assistant Professor, Environmental Science

| AH454, MS9181

Xi Wang, Ph.D.

woman with blue hair in a maroon and blue lattice dress standing in front of sunset
Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies


Darrin Magee, Ph.D.

Darrin Magee at solar farm in Mongolia
IES Director



Ruth Musonda

Ruth is wearing a winter jacket and a knit cap on a snowy day. A black dog is next to her and has snow on its muzzle.
Administrative Services Manager


360-650-4675 | AH 303