Clubs and Organizations


WWU Clubs

Women in Energy Mentoring Network (WEIMN)

The Women in Energy Network is an opportunity for women students and professional women in the energy field to provide mentorship, share knowledge, and create a network of connections.

Association for Women in Science (AWIS)

Through a variety of activities (meetings, fundraising, community outreach, interclub mentorship program) AWIS seeks to support members in pursuit of science degrees.

Association of Engineering and Environmental Geologists (AEG)

The Association of Engineering/Environmental Geologists focuses on the interaction between geologists and their environment. Attendances of monthly meetings on campus, as well as monthly professional meetings in Seattle, are the primary functions for chapter members.

Scientific Journal Club (SJC)

In order to keep up with the scientific community, SJC brings news and journal articles to share with peers. They also set aside time to share advice on how to apply for internships, jobs, and graduate school.

Student Economics Association (SEA)

The WWU Economics Association is a student-led club that provides an environment of support for economics classes and informational content driven discussions. The club coordinates events to engage and expose students to diverse topics and build community within the CBE.

Western Urban Planners (WUP)

WUP is a collection of students interested in urban planning and other relevant disciplines. They meet to discuss trending ideas and news about community development, land use, transportation, architecture, and urban form.

Net Impact (Net Impact)

Net Impact is a global organization that encourages the integration of business and sustainability. The club offers its members opportunities to make an impact both locally and nationally, network with community members and business owners, and expand their skillset through relevant experiences.

Students for Renewable Energy (SRE)

Students for Renewable Energy is Western's oldest environmental club, and one of the most influential on campus. SRE has lead the efforts to bring about both of Western's solar arrays, the Sustainable Action Fund, and championed for the PSE Green Direct wind farm project. They are currently in an ongoing campaign to support sustainable investing within the Western Foundation. 

Professional Women's Association (PWA)

The WWU Professional Women's Association is committed to the professional development of undergraduate women as leaders in their field. PWA provides the support and resources that will better prepare women for more successful careers. Meetings provides personal assessments that help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. 


TEDxWWU is a student organization working to spread unique ideas, keep up-to-date on pressing social matters, and create meaningful connections with other students. In general, TEDxWWU wishes to spark interesting discussions with the aim of improving awareness of leading-edge ideas and discoveries, both from within the Western community and around the world.

Professional Organizations

Association of Energy Service Professionals
National Association of Energy Services Companies
American Solar Energy Society
American Wind Energy Association