Developing the Clean Energy Future


Check out this video to watch the Developing the Clean Energy Future.

Achieving a clean energy future will require far more than developing renewable energy resources – it will require upgrading much of the electric system including enhanced electric load control, transmission and distribution upgrades, fine tuning of system operations, and improved weather and operations visibility. This presentation will overview cutting edge work utilities and research entities around the world are conducting to help ensure a clean, reliable, and affordable electric system.

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Speaker Name

Jess Kincaid

Speaker Photo

Jess Kincaid is a light-skinned female with a warm smile, large brown eyes, and long, curly brown hair.

Speaker Bio

Jess Kincaid is the Director of Technology Innovation for Bonneville Power Administration where she leads the agency's department for research, development, and demonstration (R&D) efforts. She has worked in the Northwest energy sector for more than 25 years in roles spanning law, policy, advocacy, operations, and hands-on technology installations. Jess has a Juris Doctor with a certificate in Environmental and Natural Resources Law from Lewis and Clark Law School as well as degrees in Political Science and Energy Management. She is an Association of Energy Engineers Certified Energy Manager and a Member of the Oregon State Bar.