Developing Transmission to Support West Coast Clean Energy Resources


Check out this video to watch the Developing Transmission to Support West Coast Clean Energy Resources.

Kate Griffith, Pacific Northwest director at Gridworks, will present on her current work in a pressing clean energy topic: the challenge of developing transmission to meet the nation’s clean energy goals and to connect large generation clean energy resources to customers. Kate will also speak about her unique path that lead her to working in the clean energy sector.  

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Speaker Name

Kate Griffith

Speaker Photo

Kate Griffith is a light-skinned female with straight strawberry blond hair and brown eye. She smiles and wears a black shirt and beige cardigan.

Speaker Bio

Kate Griffith is a collaborative energy policy strategist, communicator, and facilitator. She has spent more than a decade working at the intersections of sustainable community and policy development, most recently as an energy policy advisor to the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission. At the Washington commission, Kate focused on climate and wildfire resiliency, utility resource planning, rate-setting, and the implementation of new Washington’s clean energy laws, which center equity in the clean energy transition. Kate previously worked as a journalist and editor in Washington, D.C., and West Virginia. She earned bachelor’s degrees in journalism, English literature, and French language and literature from West Virginia University and earned a master’s degree in international studies with a focus on energy and climate from the University of Washington.