Tom Osterman

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CEO, Radium Engineering, LLC

Board Member Since


Tom semi-retired in 2019 after selling his national power systems manufacturing and integration firm and relocated to Decatur Island from Seattle. He is in the process of building a home on Decatur along with his wife.

Tom attended WWU and has had a 40-year career in the Broadband Network power industry. He founded a firm that specialized in providing powering systems for critical communications network facilities, data centers and Telecom sites as well as manufacturing emergency power system products for these markets. Tom operated this firm for 28 years with ten regional offices and 150 employees around the US prior to selling this firm. In addition, he founded and still operates Radium Engineering LLC which is a renewable energy technology development consulting practice. He has several patents, designed-developed energy back-up systems up to several megawatts in capacity and has authored over 30 industry trade articles over the years.

Tom has participated as a prior board-member officer of a renewable energy and Microgrid development non-profit trade organization (Emerge Alliance) based in Washington DC which is focused on renewable energy microgrid and energy storage and transmission policy, technology development and education. Tom has also been an elected board member of OPALCO (electrical and broadband utility in San Juan County) representing District 3 for the last three years. He recently joined the WWU Institute of Energy Studies advisory board as well.

Tom is currently developing microgrid systems with integrated renewable energy technology for Aimbridge Energy Group and has established an R&D facility in Seattle.


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