Toward Climate Justice


Check out this video to watch the Toward Climate Justice.

Mikhaila brings to the Institute for Energy Studies’ Speaker Series her experience and knowledge of the foundational concepts utilized in the Climate Justice movement. She will be sharing her perspectives on the transformational work of Climate Justice, as well as highlights and lessons learned from her career in the clean energy transition.

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Speaker Name

Mikhaila Gonzales

Speaker Photo

Mikhaila Gonzales has light brown skin, long black hair, and large brown eyes. She wears a grey cowl neck sweater, plum lipstick, and earrings.

Speaker Bio

Mikhaila Gonzales works for the Initiative for Energy Justice developing the Equitable Local Solar Program, which furthers the organization’s work in energy justice. Prior to joining the team at IEJ, Mikhaila led the Access Solar program at Spark Northwest, where she worked with Tribal entities, electric utilities, local/state agencies, and a range of nonprofit and environmental justice organizations to develop community-scale clean energy projects in WA and OR. Her career in nonprofit management began over 14 years ago with a love of environmental education and stewardship at Seward Park Audubon Center and Save Habitat and Diversity of Wetlands. Prior qualitative research projects brought her to fishing communities of New England and indigenous farming communities in the Philippines.