Amory Lovins, Co-founder and Chairman of Rocky Mountain Institute, energy advisor, author



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Amory Lovins, MA Oxon. spec. resoln, DSc h.c. mult., is a physicist, cofounder of Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) and global practitioner of advanced energy efficiency, renewable integration, and innovative public policy and business strategy since the 1970s. Working in many disciplines, he has taught at ten universities on three continents, was an Oxford don, advised scores of firms and governments, and received many of the world’s top energy and environmental awards. Dr. Lovins has been an energy luminary since his landmark article “Energy Strategy: The Road Not Taken,” which reframed the energy debate in 1976, and helped turn energy efficiency from an abstraction into a global resource and one of the pillars of today’s energy decarbonization pathways. He teaches the course, Extreme Energy Efficiency, as Adjunct Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Stanford University, with the aim to engage students on scaling integrative design for radical energy efficiency, both in entrepreneurial pursuits emerging from the academy and in executive education that reaches broader audiences in the public and private sectors.

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